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Monday, 4-Oct-2004 00:00 Email | Share | | Bookmark
jap kids at skool day!!!

wow they are so cute!!!!! i got dibs on the left
juz to be fair here's some jap girls for the guys!!
wow would u look at those bows.... now that's BIG
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Life is so good to me…… not only did the jap kids come to our skool….. they were so hawt that u could fry an egg on em…. Now I think I’ve temporarily forgoted all about …. Wat’s his name again?? Owh yeah it was ezwan rite?? And wat was my relation with him again?? I got some awesome pix wit em as u can see….. they we’re so freakishly cute and the guys were’nt half bad… but I wanted the one in a black cap with the hippy peace sign on it (too bad I didn’t get his name coz that boy was hawt!!!) …… u kno the ones which are in the circles…. That was so freaking popular in the 70s?? and one with the lip piercing .... but i can't get everything i want... *sigh*

Damn those 8th and 11th graders and fasha… coz they got to hang around wit the japs and play netball and soccer/ football wit em…. The jap jocks were so… cute…. Especially when they we’re using the boys locker room ^_^… those boys have zero shame I mean they were like practically standing in front of the door in they’re black underwear (happiest moment yet)…. And of course there was the part when I accidentally opened da door to da temp boys locker room hehehehehe (insert sneaky looking emoticon)……

The there was the bushido archery contest it was soo kewl…. I mean there were like 6 feet long bows and 1 foot long arrows, and the target was like 10-15 meters away….. but at first i thought those bushido stuff was a katana.. coz the packaging for it was so big… and the kids holding em were like dressed in training clothes…. Actually I got a clip for u guys.. no sound tho… and I dunno how to put clips here so… to bad….. hehehehe…. And our hating of the yuhanis goes on….. well that’s all I remember from that day so toodles…


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